What’s Your Request on Glossy LCD Screen Panels?

Last week, I got a complaint email. We packed the wrong LCD screen panel to the customer. I felt quite sorry for such a mistake. Actually, he had ordered a matte screen. However, he got the glossy one. Then I called back to the customer and put forward two solutions on such problem. Finally, this case has been solved successfully. More importantly, it is necessary to show the distinguished features of glossy screen.

Some people have no idea of matte and glossy LCD screen panels. If you don’t point it out, they will pay no attention. It is common for the ordinary users. They don’t have high expectation on the screen. Then there is no need to make sure what the matte screen is and what the glossy one is. Here, like pictures, it has glossy and matte, too. You can feel the difference by touching. And the laptop LCD screen panel is the same situation. It is more obvious than pictures. There is a simple way to check whether it is matte or glossy. You can pick the screen and face to it. If you can see the reflections of yourself clearly, it must be glossy. If not, it is probably matte.

As to the displaying of image, the glossy one usually looks brighter, but deeper and richer in color. Besides, it is prevailing one recently in the market. Some users complain about the brightness. You can adjust the angle to keep the brightness while using the laptop. In addition, the contrast is higher than that of matte one. To sum up, it makes the images and videos more vivid and colorful. This type of screen is preferred if you often use your laptop to watch movies and enjoy pictures. You will be pleased by the display of the images. Thus, matte one has its pros. Here will not illustrate in details on matte one because few people will ask to have a matte one.

To be honest, both are produced to meet the requirement of the laptop users. Different people have difference tastes. There is definite answer on which is better. If you want to know more about the LCD screen panels, come and visit our site at . You will be amazed by the abundant products.